The Power of Pause

The Power of Pause

Each day we are bombarded with constant stimulation from the outside world. Our senses tap into countless sounds, feelings, scents, tastes, and visuals. Between our home life, friendships, jobs, and every other obligation we have—it may be easy to get lost in the motion of our days. After a while, our minds may be so distracted and congested that our own thoughts become polluted. In order to live authentically with our true nature, we must have a strong connection with our minds and our inner selves. Unfortunately, in today's age, many of us only spend time in silence when we are ready to sleep for the night. An essential tool that can help strengthen this inner connection is to pause.

Pause & Meditation

Pausing is a form of disconnection that can be performed anytime, anywhere, and for any reason. The purpose of pausing is to establish a steady stream of thought within your mind—one that's focused solely on who you are and what you truly desire. Taking time to pause each day, sometimes multiple times a day, can help remove any intrusive thoughts or emotions and help you remain in a state of empowerment. Pausing may be a form of meditation, but it is different than mediation in general. Meditation is a period of intentional stillness that usually lasts for a short to long period of time. A pause is a short and condensed version of meditation where you disconnect from the outside world for only a few minutes or so. You may wish to close your eyes, or not, as long as you can zone out from our external reality and allow your mind to focus inward. Taking time to pause can be done at work, at home, on the bus—anywhere that's safe for you to disconnect for a few moments. If start to feel anxious, angry, or another strong emotion—take time to pause and remove yourself from the situation. Doing this for even a few minutes can help dissolve some of the emotional energy.

Emotional Release & Intention Setting

The goal of pausing may be different, depending on the situation. For example, if you're in an emotional situation and can't seem to think clearly because of it, pausing can help you reflect on why you're feeling such an intense emotion. Taking a few minutes to reflect and see if you can understand the root of your emotion can help you understand how to alleviate it. Another technique is intention setting. When you pause and set intentions, this can help inspire you as you're focusing on what you want to create within your life. When you feel lost or discouraged, this can help center you and allow you to feel your desires as if they're already happening, encouraging you to make them happen.

Make More Room for Yourself

When you make time to go inward and reflect on the thoughts and emotions happening inside of you, you're able to identify what is real and what isn't. Only once you take time to be mindful of your inner man you'll be able to release anything that no longer serves you. When you center yourself and remove any excess emotions, you're making room for more of your own essence to take place. Pausing helps you take a breather from the outside world, and allowing you to calm your mind and your emotions. Most importantly, pausing will enable you to realign yourself, and when you reconnect with your external world, you'll be more intentional and peaceful state.


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