Be the Best You! Everyone Else is Taken!

Be the Best You! Everyone Else is Taken!

We are all born under special circumstances that give us our unique traits and characteristics. These differentiating qualities should be cherished because each of us is truly one of a kind. When we compare ourselves to others, our differences may seem like faults or flaws—but always be mindful that no two people were intended to be the same. Each of us is given one life, one back-story, and one future—and we can use this to our advantage by living authentically as ourselves.

Living in authenticity helps others see your true nature, enables you to form meaningful relationships, accomplish goals, and allows you to follow your joy. When you allow your true self to shine—your light will illuminate the world around you.

Start with Self Love and Self Care.

Without having love for yourself, it will be hard to have meaningful experiences and relationships in your life. Without self-love, insecurity and unworthiness will reflect into your relationships, jobs, and desires—leaving you feeling unworthy of experiencing the beautiful gifts life has to offer. Until you holistically love yourself, you cannot truly love someone else, and your relationships will be left feeling unfulfilled. No matter the opportunities and gifts you're presented with, your desire for self-worth will always take center stage in whatever joys they can bring.

In order to appreciate the joys in your external world, your internal self has to have joy ; This is why self-love is so important.

Self Care also plays a role in becoming the best you. Spending time practicing self-care every day allows you to connect with yourself on a deeper level and learn to love and appreciate who you are.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Meditating

  • Taking long relaxing baths

  • Going on a walk

  • Taking yourself to a nice restaurant

  • Spending time relaxing

  • Going to the spa, and pampering yourself

Being intentional about implementing a daily self love and care regimen will put you on the fast track to being the best you.

Have A Gratitude State Of Mind

Another important step in cultivating love and appreciation for who you are is through gratitude. We all truly have so much to be grateful for, yet many forget to acknowledge what life has already gifted us.

Because we have so much insight into others' lives through social media and tV, this can cause us to compare our lives, accomplishments, family, and even ourselves to others. Remember that envy, jealousy, and materialism are known as "thieves of thankfulness and happiness."

When we focus on being grateful for all the good we are and have around us, we accept ourselves, our current situations, and that we have the opportunity to change and evolve in whatever we can imagine.

Practicing gratitude draws our attention to the various areas of joy in our lives that we may have been previously unaware of.

You can start by

  • Check for silver linings. Some of the most challenging experiences in life can come with some benefits—you just have to look and find them, like making a mistake teaches you a lesson. When things get tough are feel unfair, ask yourself: What's good is in or can come out of the current situation?

  • Look outward, not inward. Empathy for others can trigger gratitude. We are more likely to feel grateful and experience gratitude when we focus on helping others rather than getting caught up in our own circumstances.

  • Every day, journal and say aloud three good things you are thankful for in your life. Write down the things you are truly grateful for in that current moment this can be an extremely powerful resource to pull from on a rough day; you can look back through the pages of accumulated blessings in your life and read them aloud to affirm them. If you struggle to come up with something to feel grateful for, think about how things could be much worse, this will inspire gratitude for what you currently have and maybe taking for granted.


Many of us struggle to love and accept how special we are due to repressed feelings and emotions from unresolved trauma and negative self-beliefs stored within the unconscious aspect of our mind. These negative feelings and emotions run continually in the background of our thoughts and consciousness, affecting us in ways we may be unaware of.

Offering yourself forgiveness and acceptance for circumstances in your life is the first step in learning to love yourself.

Take time to reflect on re-occurring negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings; start by thinking of the oldest memory you have associated with them. Then, those memories need to be worked through to reprogram your mind and beliefs about who you are and who you could become.

Practicing Self-reflection is the key to loving your whole self, flaws and all.


Using daily affirmations is a great way to enhance our view of ourselves and direct our minds to the positive things we can access. So write or speak these affirmations daily and as you do, imagine that these words are real and already true for you right now.

I accept myself exactly as I am right now.

  • I forgive myself for all of my past choices.

  • I allow myself to see the good in me.

  • I find ways to love myself every day.

  • I acknowledge the beautiful gifts I have to offer.

  • I let go of old ways of thinking that no longer serve me.

  • I am worthy of love from myself and others.

  • I have the power to change my circumstances.

  • I am grateful for the opportunity to change and evolve.

Being Your best self is a lifelong journey, one that's constantly changing and flowing as we move through life. There is nothing wrong with where you're at right now, as long as you desire to move forward. Live in the moments that bring the most joy and figure out the path you can take to cultivate more self-love. As you offer yourself the warmth and acceptance you've always deserved, you'll realize how wonderful and magnificent you truly are.


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